About Us

I don’t know why “about us” pages always refer to “us,” even though they’re often just about a single person. I’m just an anonymous fan of the horror genre. And when I say that I like the horror genre, I mean I like all of it–horror books, horror short stories, horror movies, horror comic books, horror roleplaying games, horror video games, horror board games, etc.

I’ve been to a few horror conventions, and I’m pretty boring compared to a lot of the other horror fans I’ve met. Many of them dress funny, and a lot of them are way more interested in gruesome shock gross-out horror than I am.

When it comes to horror, I tend to prefer the classics. For example, I really like black and white movies, and I also really like French movies, especially French horror films. I also love Alfred Hitchcock, although I’d only consider two of his films actual horror–The Birds and Psycho. The rest of his films were just standard thriller stuff, but it’s his execution that’s so impressive, not the subject matter.

As far as reading, I’m a big fan of Stephen King, just like most other horror fans. But I also really like Thomas Ligotti, who writes in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft, but unlike Lovecraft, Ligotti is actually a really talented writer. Another unsung horror genius is James Hynes, who I also recommend.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog, and I hope you’ll leave a comment if you want to get in touch.

I have opinions and ideas about the horror genre, and this is where I share those thoughts.